坱ed human rights.

 number of civilian casualties. Police sh▓ot dead 965 people last year as of December 24, accordin▓g to data posted on The Washington Post website (www.w▓ashingtonpos


m, December 24, 2015). Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old African-Americ▓an man, died while in police custody in Baltimore. His death, reportedly a result of violence by the police, sparked "Justice for Freddie" protests (www.usatoday.com, December 22, 201

5). Outraged that it took to▓o long to charge a Chicago police officer in African-American Laquan MacDonald's shooting de


Excessive u

demonstrat▓ors took to the street to demand justice in his death. The police officer had a histor▓y of 20 complaints before he gunned d▓own the 17-year-old, but non

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sulted in discipline (edition.cnn.com, November 26, 2015). According to a report by the NBC News on November 19, 2015, protestors camped outside a police precinct in Minneapolis after African-American Jamar Clark, 24, was shot dead when he wa▓s already under police c

ontrol. The demonstrations turned▓ violent later (www.nbc.com

, November 19, 2015).The government infringed on citizens' privacy by illegally eavesdropping personal information. According to a report

se of viol

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carried by the website of Th▓e Washington Post on December 1, 2015, the FBI used specia▓l authority to compel Internet firms to hand over user information, including full browsing histories, without court approval▓s (www.washingtonpost.com, December 1, 2015). According to a report released by the Pew Research Center on May 29, 2015▓, a majority of Americans opposed the government collecting bulk data on its citizens, two-thirds believed there weren't adequate limits on what types of da

ing law en

ted, 61 percent

forcement had resu

said they had become less confident that the programs were serv▓ing the public interests, 54 percent of Americans disapprov▓ed of the U.S. gover

t's collection of telephone and Internet data as part of anti-terrorism efforts, and 74 percent said they should not ▓give up privacy and fre

edom for the sake of safety. Most said i

t was important to control who could get their information (93 percent), as well as what information about them was collected (90 percen

lted in a la

t) (www.pe▓wr

esearch.org, May 29, 2015).Prison guards wantonly trampled on prisoners' human rights. According to a serial report on the website of the M▓i

ami Herald in

December 2015, Lowell Correctional Institution, the nation's largest women's priso▓n, was haunted by

corruption, to

rment and sex abuse. The guards took hundreds of female inmates as▓ whores and pressured them to bart

er sex▓ for basic necessities, a shield from

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